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Our largest range of knives covers our styles & uses. Selected by popularity, The collection is the ultimate way to begin or extend your carbon-steel knife journey. Please take note of image 3. This shows the colour variation of our handles. We try our best to match all knives, but we can't promise they will match perfectly every time.

This set includes Jonathan, The One, & Ezekiel, Gabriel and A Mineral Oil.

Leather Sheath Option includes: Jonathan, The One, & Ezekiel, Gabriel, A Mineral Oil & Leathers sheaths for, The One, Ezekiel & Jonathan only!

Gabriel is a Nakiri-style knife - The kitchen angel. Highly recommended for my vegetarian friends! The Nakiri is a very popular Japanese-style vegetable knife with a double bevel edge and thin blade profile. It's amazing for chopping, slicing, mincing and dicing vegetables.

Jonathan is a slender paring-styled knife. A great multi-purpose tool that allows you to work on and off the chopping board. A real asset when it comes to trimming fat, peeling fruit and segmenting citrus. As a thinner blade to our Tom Petty, it grants you the ability to get into those tight areas around bones or the skin of the fruit.

The One is the same shape as our Handyman but on a bigger scale. This delightful big boy is what chefs use, and they use it for everything—from fine-dicing herbs and slicing mushrooms to carving a big piece of roast beef or portioning a whole chicken. This sized blade is recommended for a more experienced user or someone serious about cooking large cuts of meat (BBQ amateurs here, this is the blade for you).

Ezeikel is a beautifully shaped Japanese knife that is a very handy medium-sized everyday vegetable blade. The Bunka shape is a general-purpose kitchen knife similar to a Santoku. It used to be just as popular as the Santoku but has become less common in recent years. The Bunka knife has a wider blade that's suitable for cutting vegetables, while the triangle-shaped tip area is particularly useful when cutting fish and meats.

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Customer Reviews

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Mark A.
Amazing set of knives!!

Wow, I've been a chef for over 20 years and these are one of the best sets I've owned, great craftsmanship and razor sharp. Knives look gorgeous and handle like a dream. Thanks Cain and Ablem team.

Phil Jl
Beautiful knives

Bought knives for son's 21st gift and are extremely happy with them, great gift but wish I was keeping them for myself

Fleur Thorpe
Very Impressed

Love my New knives :)