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Bigger is always better isn't it? This set brings together our thick countertop chopping slab and Judas, The biggest, baddest knife in our block.

Judas is our biggest knife, a very classic chefs knife style. It's easy to use for a large knife, the edge gliding smoothly and easily on the chopping board. You will want a little experience using a sharp knife to wield this big boy.
It will tackle everything from garlic, onions, to all salad vegetables, through to the bigger numbers like pumpkin and cabbage. Perfect for any meat as well, raw or cooked.

This set comes with an added mineral oil. A food-grade blend designed to keep these knives protected from the elements.

Each blade has been checked and sharpened carefully by Kensuki of Japan knife sharpening services. The blade quality is very high, the handles are the only thing that are a different style.

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Kate Gimblett
Perfect Wedding Anniversary Gift

Got this for my husband for our two year wedding anniversary and he absolutely loves it. Perfect gift for this occasion. Thank you Cain & Abel