Why is mineral oil important for carbon-steel knives?

Why is mineral oil important for carbon-steel knives?

Carbon steel is susceptible to rust because carbon steel's alloy contains iron. The rust will form through oxidation. Oxidation is a process activated in iron when exposed to moisture. So dry your knife correctly after cleaning, and don't keep them in a damp environment.

Our mineral oil will help by creating a barrier between your knife and the harmful elements of its environment( aka moisture). So just like seasoning your cast iron pan, our carbon steel knives love that extra TLC. A little oil can go a long way in the care and longevity of your carbon-steel knives.

Our mineral oil is 100% food-safe providing worry-free use. While you can use vegetable oil if you are in a pinch, mineral oil is the better long-term choice as it won't go rancid like other oils.

It is a simple process. Once you have adequately dried your knife after washing, pour some mineral oil onto a cloth or paper towel and wipe over your carbon steel kitchen knives. It doesn't take long at all!

So next time you have finished cleaning your Cain & Abel Knife, take the extra minute and coat the blade in mineral oil. You will thank yourself for it next time!

June 05, 2023 — Campbell Attwood
Tags: Carbon-Steel