Born from a love of cooking, Cain & Abel provides home cooks with the quality tools to make your cooking experience feel effortless.

Passion for cooking is an understatement when it comes to talking about our love of cuisine. Entertaining, share, experience, friend and taste. These points surrounding food are what we enjoy. These are what drove us to source our knives so we can share these finely crafted tools with you at home.

Our knives provide you with the tools that make your cooking experience more enjoyable. Make sure you are careful. These knives are sharp and made for slicing through meat, vegetables and fish effortlessly.

Carbon steel have different properties to stainless steel. It can be sharpened to an extremely high standard edge. We have developed such a love for these handmade blades, and can't wait to share it with the world. 

The carbon steel used in our blades is from recycled leaf springs from heavy trucks & Russian war trucks that served in the Vietnamese war. The steel is 5160. This spring steel is a tough form of steel with a higher Carbon makeup. The higher Carbon reduces toughness, but increases wear resistance and attainable hardness. The steel is heat treated, giving the knives an HRC of around 60. HRC stands for Rockwell hardness. This rating refers to the level of hardness the steel has. Japanese knives are standardly between 60 to 63 HRC. They can be re-sharpened and hold an excellent edge because of the makeup of the steel.