Why We Use Carbon Steel In Our Knives?

So you’re embarking on a culinary journey, fueling your passion for cooking and you’ve found yourself beginning to enter the new world of kitchen knives. As you venture deeper into this world, a crucial question comes to mind… “What exactly are my kitchen knives made of?” One material that should capture your attention is Carbon Steel. Carbon Steel stands out as a top contender for crafting an exquisite kitchen knife that guarantees an effortless cutting experience. Here’s why Carbon Steel is our preferred choice:

What is Carbon Steel?

Carbon steel refers to steel that contains carbon content between 0.05% to just over 2%. A higher carbon content lets the material get strong and hard once it has been heat treated. This is what we call attainable hardness. The higher levels of carbon in the steel give the material good edge retention. It is also a material that can have a nice sharp edge formed. All these attributes are why carbon steel is our material of choice for our knives.

Why should I choose a Carbon Steel Knife?

The main comparison is made with stainless steel when comparing the material to another used in knife making. Stainless steel is popular due to its low maintenance, non-rusting and durable properties. It is a steel that is known to be softer than carbon steel. This makes the material much more difficult to hold its edge, so it requires more frequent sharpening. The blade edge you can get on a carbon steel knife is superior to that which you can get on stainless steel.

Carbon steel requires more care than stainless, but the trade-off is a knife that lets you slice effortlessly through your daily cooking tasks. Carbon steel should be kept dry and oiled when storing it away to help protect it from rust. Read more about oiling your Cain & Abel knives here.

The carbon steel also can develop a protective barrier called a Patina. A patina is a coating that forms to help protect the blade from the elements, so day-to-day maintenance is less important. We have more about the patina here.

To us, Carbon steel gives you a kitchen knife that, when cared for, allows you to cut, slice, and dice effortlessly in the kitchen. If you love to prep food, using the best tool for the job is a must. Yes, carbon steel requires care, but to us, that care is minor to the reward you get with these kitchen knives.

July 10, 2023 — Campbell Attwood
Tags: Carbon-Steel