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Two of our best knives are paired together to give you a range of uses in the kitchen. Select between our Handyman and Ezekiel to pair with Johnathan. This set also comes with a Mineral Oil.

Want to protect your new knives in style? Select our Knife Sheath option and save on two of our premium buffalo leather sheaths.

Handyman This santoku-style knife (a popular Japanese shape) is your perfect medium-sized all-purpose knife. Its blade sits at 17cm, big enough to tackle all the serious jobs but small enough to handle easily. It's lightweight and easy to maneuver as needed. Great for chopping your everyday veggies, such as carrots, onions, and celery. Fine for dicing all meats or slicing cooked medium-sized meats such as steaks or chicken breasts.

Ezekiel This gorgeous Japanese-style knife is a convenient medium-sized everyday blade weighing 140 grams. Ezeikel is a Bunka style knife. It is known to be a general-purpose kitchen knife similar to a Santoku-style blade. The Bunka knife generally has a broader blade for cutting vegetables and meat. The unique characteristic of the Bunka style is its sharp-shaped tip. It is helpful when navigating the bones of fish and meats or scoring pork and vegetables.

Johnathan A slender paring styled knife. A great multi-purpose tool that allows you to work on and off the chopping board. A real asset when trimming fat, peeling fruit and segmenting citrus. As a thinner blade to our Tom Petty, it allows you to get into those tight areas around bones or the fruit's skin.

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Customer Reviews

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Mia Haddock
Really nice knives but forgot the oil.

Hi really lovely knives but the oil didnt get put into my order, was wondering if i could get one?

Happy Wife, Happy Life

Getting some pretty awesome homecooked meals now kids. Mrs is bloody stoked. Best things since sliced bread. Just need the Tom Petty now.

David Benjes
Looks so cool - blade is light

Got these, and they look so cool!

Nice feel in the hand, just aware the blade is quite thin and light, so better if you prefer a lighter knife. You'll be wanting to show these off to everyone, so I'd recommend getting the sheath. That way you can take them to your next bbq, pot luck, open home, baby shower ect.


Very quick delivery and very beautiful knives.