The Santoku-style knives are an absolute workhorse in the kitchen. It is a great blade to work on a range of produce, from prepping vegetables, mincing meat or dicing herbs. Its rounded tip and flatter blade edge give the Santoku more blade face to scoop chopped produce off the chopping board. You can not go wrong with a santoku-styled knife as your primary kitchen blade for the everyday chef.

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Referred to as an extension of a chef's arm. This knife style is known for its curved blade allowing the welder to rock the edge back and forward. A knife shape provides various uses on the chopping board, from dicing vegetables, disjointing meat or finely dicing herbs. This knife style ranges from a 7-inch to a 12-inch blade.

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Another great general-purpose knife handles a wide variety of tasks in your kitchen while looking pretty freak'n divine. With similar attributes to the Santoku knife, a Bunka knife's main characteristic is its angled tip. This reverse tanto tip makes a Bunka blade particularly useful when navigating bones in fish and meats.

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A classic Japanese-style knife that could be mistaken as Vegan. This knife style has a straight, symmetrical edge that is excellent on vegetables. Its straight blade facilitates a direct up and down motion of cutting. With its broad blade face, it also makes scooping cut produce together a breeze. The perfect way to slice carrots, cucumber, leeks, zucchini or celery. Ideal for all your vegetables!

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A long blade gives you the perfect long carve off that Christmas ham. They are commonly used to slice meat & vegetables finely. These blades allow you to get that extra fine slice of fish seen in sushi or that long shave-off cold meat. Its lengths let you continue your cutting actions without needing multiple cuts.

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Don't judge these knives by size. They are a small general in your knife arsenal. A parring knife is lightweight in hand, giving you easy mobility for peeling fruit, slicing small vegetables or holing pumpkin. This knife's size allows you to work off the chopping board with both hands. A great assistant to a standard 7-inch blade for those hard-to-reach places.

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The name does say it all. A knife that can cover your bases. Usually, a knife that is smaller than your standard 7-inch blade. A great option to use for slicing tender pieces of meat, segmenting fruit or chopping herbs. A handy tool to have in your knife roll or in the kitchen.

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While intimidating, a cleaver is an asset in any kitchen! While known for tackling pieces of dense meat, bone and cartilage, this isn't its only use. It's ideal for root vegetables like pumpkin, kumara or squash. Even crush a clove of garlic with absolute ease. It's broad blade face and weight allow the wielder to generate force with swift motions. So please don't dismiss this knife style without understanding its potential.

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