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Dip your feet into carbon steel with this pair of knives. Included is the Tom Petty, The One and our Mineral Oil.

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Our Tom Petty knife is the handy little number that will handle all the small vegetables. Chopping herbs, slicing garlic, shallots, tomatoes. It's super handy and will be in use all the time.
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The One is our big boy that chefs use, and they use it for everything—from fine dicing herbs, slicing mushrooms to carving a big piece of roast beef or portioning a whole chicken. This sized blade is recommended for a more experienced user or someone serious about cooking large cuts of meat (BBQ amateurs here, this is the blade for you).
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This set comes with an added mineral oil. A food-grade blend designed to keep these knives protected from the elements.

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Customer Reviews

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Jamie Hockly
Great Knife

Fantastic knife and seems to be keeping its edge well. Wished it was just a little bit longer but not a deal breaker at all so would recommend for a kitchen utility knife.

Jane Carter
LOVE knife Eva.. so in live with my Tom Petty !!!

India Murray
The OG lil chopper

This pretty lil guy is my go to for everything when in the kitchen. Perfect length, multipurpose and super sharp! I find myself using it the most out of the 3 sizes I purchased. And above all it looks amazing! Great work Cherie & team all your products are hand down outstanding and my go to

Tristan Dixon
A Game Changer!

The One is a beautiful and elegant knife. It comes super sharp out of the box and it’s such a pleasure to use.

Adam Fraine
The One

Love the Knife.....Very efficient, light weight, feels good, looks great